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Our Services

Recruiting the highest caliber of personal assistants
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Full training, coaching, and instruction


Each candidate interviewed by Michelle Kennedy


Personalized experience for each client

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Our Services


Personal Assistant Training, Coaching, and Instruction

This service is tailor made for the individual who wants or needs to be trained in the field of PA work. One on one, I personally coach, teach, and instruct you in all areas of the PA career based from my extensive experience in the field. The goal is to fully prepare you for the right employer and with the right attitude and understanding of what is expected. 

COST: $699.00


  • 5 days of one on one, 2 hour training meetings w/Michelle

  • Comprehensive Questionnaire

  • Get to know YOU Session

  • Role Play Scenario Work

  • Personalized, customized, constructive, coaching based on personality, strengths, experience and weaknesses.


Personal Assistant/ Employer Broker Service

This service is for the potential Employer who is searching for the best candidate and PA that is most compatible to their type of company and work environment.  I will review the resumes and personally interview candidates on Employer's behalf aiming to match the best potential PA to the Employer's needs and then present the top 3 for Employer to interview.

COST: $1500


  • Detailed review of resumes considered on behalf of Employer

  • Submission of top 3 matched candidates

  • Interviewing candidates

  • Professional summary submitted to Employer based on interview information and professional opinion


PA Training, Coaching, & Instruction plus PA Broker Service

This service combines the first two together.  Potential Employer can employ me to broker the research in locating the best candidates and then subsequently employ me to train the one they ultimately hire.  This service can be flexible and tailored to fit the need of the Employer/PA situation.


COST: $2150



  • Both Service 1 and 2

  • Reviewing resumes

  • Interviewing candidates comprehensively

  • Submitting a summary of top 3 candidates

  • Training & coaching the chosen PA for the Employer

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