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Dedicated to pairing our Employers with the very best candidates and equipping the candidates for the Employers
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About Esteem

Esteem was founded by Michelle Kennedy, an experienced, well-established, assistant herself with a degree in Communication who has extensive experience with both celebrity and corporate CEO clientele.  Michelle has worked alongside Terri Nunn, the founder and lead singer of the band Berlin and currently assists a top leader/CEO in the safety consulting world.  The goal of Esteem is to provide a seamless experience for both the personal assistant and the employer searching for the best candidate.  No two assistants are alike, nor are the environments of the potential employer and Esteem will help locate the best match for each side.  Esteem prides itself with a personal, individualized, experience finding the best PA for the right Employer and vice versa.  Esteem also offers personalized training, coaching, and instruction for any person wanting to be successful in this field. It is the passion of Esteem to produce competent, personal assistants and match them with their best work environment and employer.

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